Colorado Springs Toilet Repair

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A broken toilet can be a big pain, especially in homes where you only have one bathroom. There are dozens of problems you can face when troubleshooting toilet problems. Below are some of the most common issues people have with their toilet and some quick checks you can do to see if you can diagnose the problem at home.

It is always best to consult a local Colorado Springs plumber near you to properly diagnose and fix a problem with your toilet. Attempting to repair or fix a toilet on your own can sometimes mean more work and more money than you needed to be with. Consult a professional to properly diagnose and repair your toilet today. 

Broken Toilet Tank

Cracks are not common in tanks. More cracks are reported in older tanks than in newer ones. If a crack is spotted in a relatively new tank then it would be best to call the manufacturers to see if they have had similar issues with other tanks. A crack in a tank will only get worse with time and can result in a leak. Another common problem seen in DIY fixes is a crack resulting from bolts being tightened too much, resulting in fractures to the tank. The best option when you spot a crack in your tank is to contact a local plumber to see if the tank can be repaired or if a new toilet will need to be installed.

Repair a Toilet Flange

There are probably hundreds of how-tos and videos online of how to repair a toilet flange. While it is something that can be done DIY, it is not recommended. 

One problem with an at-home replacement of a toilet flange is that the flange may not be causing the issue to begin with. If you feel that the flange is the cause of a leak or other toilet issue and it turns out that replacing the flange does not fix the problem then that is money and time wasted. Likewise, it is not unusual for homeowners to disconnect their toilet system only to realize that they purchased the wrong size flange for the job. Not following the proper steps for replacing the toilet flange can result in a huge mess and potentially an even more broken toilet. 

Toilet Wobbles

This could potentially be due to a leak around the base of the toilet, resulting in a weak subfloor. It could also mean that the floor itself is not level. Older homes can experience shifting in the foundation and the result is a very unlevel floor. A good way to test this is to set a marble down near the toilet base and see if the marble rolls sharply in a particular direction. This could potentially be an expensive problem but some stop-gap measures can be used to stabilize the toilet until the flooring can be amended. The best option is to contact a local plumber to come and diagnose the issue for your Colorado Springs toilet repair.

The toilet isn't Flushing Properly

There are three possible issues you can face with your toilet. The first is the toilet is not flushing at all. One of the most common, and often the easiest to diagnose the issue, is the chain has come off of the handle. You can check this by simply removing the lid from the tank and checking to make sure the two are connected. If this is a recurring problem with your toilet then it may be time to purchase either a new chain or a new handle. Have a plumber come and diagnose your toilet issue if replacing your handle and chain assembly does not fix the problem. It may be an issue with your tank.

The second potential issue is that the toilet is not fully flushing. You should check your tank to make sure that it is fully filling after you have flushed. Low water level, either by accidentally resetting your toilet's inlet valve or by deliberately adjusting it can result in clogs in the toilet pipes. This is because your toilet is designed to flush with a certain amount of water. Reducing the water level needed for a proper flush can result in a lack of the proper pressure to fully expel the waste. Other potential problems with your toilet not flushing fully would need to be diagnosed by a plumber because these issues exist within the interior plumbing of the home and are not readily accessible to the average homeowner.

The final potential problem if your toilet is not flushing properly is that it is running. This can sometimes be caused by the handle sticking. As above, you may potentially need to replace your chain and handle assembly. If this does not seem to fix the issue then a plumber will need to come and check your fill tank system to make sure there are not any issues. There are dozens and dozens of reasons for a toilet to not flush properly. If you've followed the basic, at home troubleshooting and are still hitting your head against the wall then call a reliable Colorado Springs plumber to help you diagnose the issue.



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