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Regular sewer cleanings are critical for maintaining a Colorado Springs home.

The cold weather in our state (along with notorious septic issues prone to this mountainous region) requires hundreds Front Range homeowners to wage an ongoing battle against unique sewer threats. Having your Colorado Springs septic inspections conducted by a local professional that is comfortable with our area can save you hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars in the long run. 

Sewer Septic ServicesAlthough annual sewer cleanings should be a part of your regular home maintenance schedule, you can tell you’re due for a sewer inspection if you notice:

  • Continuous Clogs 
  • Multiple Drains Clogged
  • Unpleasant Odors from Your Drain
  • Recurring Drain Backups 

The symptoms above are tell-tale signs that your septic system needs attention, but it’s not uncommon for severe problems to arise without significant warning. For this reason, septic specialists in the Front Range advise that homeowners get an annual septic inspection completed on their property. 

Today, let’s look at what you should expect from a Colorado Springs sewer cleaning.

A Structural Condition Analysis

Your home’s septic system has hundreds of pieces; maintaining the structural integrity of individual parts (and the system as a whole) is key to protecting your home from serious problems like bursting pipes and sewer backups. During each Colorado Springs septic inspection, our team ensures your tank and sewer lines are in good working condition using a series of intensive visual surveys – if needed, camera technology will be used to pin-point problems in the system. 

Leak Inspection

Even when a sewer system is in seemingly good condition, a small leak could cause long term damage to your property’s structure. During each inspection, we check for leaks in your pipes and tank to stop septic failures before they happen.

Clog Prevention

The word “flushable” has been a touchy subject among septic specialists for years - and with good reason.

Although toilet paper, sanitary wipes, and cotton balls are marketed as “flush-friendly,” they’re actually one of the most common reasons septic systems become clogged. During every inspection, our Colorado Springs sewer cleaning team checks for solids that may cause a backup in your system – if anything threatening is found, we protect your home by removing the blockage immediately. 

Tank Inspection

Replacing an entire septic system is an expensive repair, which is why we take preventative maintenance so seriously. 

Septic failures can be caused by a number of factors, but the most common reasons in the Front Range include:

  • Roots growing into the pipe system
  • Damage from flushed foreign objects 
  • Overuse of harsh cleaning agents. 

Many neighborhoods in Southern Colorado suffer from sewer problems caused by large tree roots and leaking pipes. If you’re experiencing any issues with your septic or sewer system, seek help from a Colorado Springs sewer cleaning expert to stop more serious problems from developing.  

Schedule your annual sewer maintenance today – call Pikes Peak Mechanical today at (719) 232 – 4720. 


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