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How do we help realtors & property managers with their plumbing needs?

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Are you a property manager needing routine plumbing maintenance on your properties?

Are you a home seller looking for a thorough plumbing inspection before moving forward with a sale?

Are you a realtor in need of a full bathroom remodel before putting a home on the market?

We can help with all of these needs and more.

In our years of doing commercial and residential plumbing work, we've come to know the plumbing and HVAC needs of realtors and project managers. Turning over a property to a new owner or renter can either be a frustrating process or as simple as working through a routine checklist of needs. That's why it is best to work with an experienced local Colorado Springs plumbing company.

Pikes Peak Mechanical is happy to help property managers with routine maintenance and repair work as well as full scale remodels - and everything in between. The job is never done for real estate management and it is a good idea to have a dependable and skilled plumber available to help. 

We can help you with...

Before having a house reviewed by a home inspector, realtors often have a list of needs they want fixed. This "inspection objection list" is an important part of getting a home ready for a new renter or owner. This list can include plumbing repairs, plumbing inspections and even remodeling work.

We're more than just plumbing...

One of the advantages of working with Pikes Peak Mechanical is that we don't just do plumbing work. We also fix, repair or replace furnaces, AC, and other HVAC systems. We are a great choice for realtors because we are a one-stop shop for everything on the inspection objection list with the added bonus of HVAC knowledge.

We have a team that can handle drywall, flooring, electrical and more. If you have an issue, we have the guy that can get the work done fast and right. We can handle ALL of your real estate repair needs.

Better rates and more experience...

With over a decade of experience in the industry, we know how to make your job easier. When you contact Pikes Peak Mechanical, you just fax or email us your inspection objection list and we know what to do from there. 

Our rates are competitive and we love working with property managers who oversee multiple locations. Keep consistency with your properties by ensuring they are all in good hands with a quality plumbing company. Don't waste time and energy calling multiple contractors when you can have everything done by the same team for a better price.

As a property manager, you can expect to get regular calls from your tenants for a range of plumbing problems from leaky faucets and clogged drains to entire fixture malfunctions. We can help fix, repair and replace problem plumbing whenever it's needed. We strive to be your preferred plumbing provider and we do that by being dependable, affordable and offering a labor warranty on all of our work.

Have an emergency?

Pikes Peak Mechanical is available to our residential & commercial plumbing clients 24/7. We strive to be the help you can depend on when you need it most. Some emergency plumbing problems such as a broken toilet, burst pipe or backed up system just can't wait until Monday. That's when you can depend on our 24/7 emergency commercial plumbing service to help keep your property protected and your tenants happy.

What our customers have to say...

We know real estate but don't just take our word for it. Here are some reviews from others in the industry who we have helped with their properties.

I have recommended Pikes Peak Mechanical to homeowners as well as personal neighbors and friends. I find Pikes Peak Mechanical to be very easy to work with and I really enjoy the quick response time on maintenance. We manage more than 100 rental properties in the area and things can get hectic in our office. I especially appreciate the feeling of them "having my back", as on occasion when I'm super busy I can forget things. I know that if it was maintenance related and I even mentioned it to Aaron in passing he will remind me. This has really been a saving grace on a number of occasions. The work itself is done right from the start and I never worry about the quality, which is especially nice as frequently I'm too busy to go out to a property and look for myself. The only negative feedback I have, it often takes a while to get estimates. Estimates are very important as we are required by our contract with homeowners to provide two estimates on any work if requested by the homeowner. Typically Pikes Peak comes in cheaper than the competing bid and we know this. We would like their bid as we prefer to use them not only for the cost and quality of work but also for ease of use.

- Amanda

Absolutely a life saver in my line of work. (Real Estate). My "go-to" for everything. Very knowledgeable, responsive and professional.

- Jessica

As a realtor and a property manager, this company is my "go to" company for almost anything I might need done at a home. One stop shopping makes my life easier and I can be assured the work will be done right and in a timely fashion. Pikes Peak Mechanical rocks!

- Sharon


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