Need to Fix an Outdoor Spigot in Colorado Springs?

Quit watching that leaky outdoor spigot drip, drip,drip! Leaking outdoor spigots waste water and money, and may damage your home near the spigot.

Common problems with outdoor spigots


A leaking spigot is one of the most common problems with outdoor spigot systems. Leaking spigots can waste hundreds of gallons of water per year, resulting in wasted money and possibly damage near the location of the spigot. Repairing a leaking spigot can sometimes be a simple fix but may require a total replacement of the spigot system. Having the system diagnosed by a reputable plumber is the best way to find out how to deal with the broken spigot.


A frozen spigot is usually caused because the shut off valve was never switched. A frozen spigot can be dangerous as they are likely to break or burst as a result. Frozen spigots can be handled by the homeowner; however, it is helpful to have a plumber check the spigot and the piping to make sure any long term damage won't lead to worse problems.


A poorly or non-flowing outdoor spigot can be caused by a few different things.

One possible cause is a worn out washer that can block up the flow of the spigot. This is a simple fix.

Another possibility is that the stopcock is shut off. The stopcock or shut off valve should be switched every winter to prevent freezing in the system and it is easy to forget to switch it back in the spring. Follow a seasonal routine of checking your outdoor plumbing in the Spring to prevent issues.

Outdoor Spigot Repair & Install

Have you been staring at that broken spigot at your Colorado Springs home for months, or ever years?  It’s time to fix that broken spigot with a new replacement or repair. Call a Colorado Springs plumbing company to help you stop wasting water. Save on your water bill with a professional repair or replacement for your outdoor faucets.

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