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Faucet & Fixture Repair

Faucets and fixtures seem like they do all the work when it comes to home plumbing; it's easy to forget that they are part of a much larger, far more complex system. When troubleshooting common faucet and fixture problems, it is best to call a professional plumber near you and have them come by for a free estimate for your plumbing repair. It is fast, reliable and can save you a lot of time in the long run by contacting a qualified plumber like Pikes Peak Mechancial to help you diagnose your problem.

Why is my faucet making noise?

Colorado Springs is a mature city with a mix of new construction homes as well as old, turn-of-the-century buildings. This presents a lot of different plumbing situations for Pikes Peak area plumbers. 

Both old and new plumbing systems will alert home owners to problems when they begin to make strange noises or when there is a lack of water pressure coming through the faucet. Unfortunately, strange noices and low water pressure can be caused by a whole range of problems with the plumbing system. If your faucet is making noise do not try to fix the issue yourself until you've spoken with a certified Colorado Springs plumber about the problems you are experiencing.

Why is my water pressure low? Is it my fixture?

If you're lucky then the only thing slowing up your water pressure is your aerator. Some locations in Colorado Springs are known for having mineral rich water, especially if you are on a well. "Hard water" in the Colorado Springs area is caused by the presence of calcium and magnesium in the tap water. You'll see the signature of these two minerals as white residue on your fixtures and faucets.

A common solution for this build up is to remove the aerator and soak it in vinegar, which breaks up the deposits. If you try this solution at home and are still experiencing low water pressure then you should consult an experienced plumber to come and diagnose your problem.

For hard to diagnose plumbing problems, Pikes Peak Mechanical plumbers can do a thorough camera inspection of your pipes to troubleshoot where the issue is coming from. This is a non-invasive, effective method for finding the exact problem and fixing it.

If you are experiencing low water pressure in the winter months then it is vital that you make sure your pipes are not freezing. Frozen pipes can burst which can cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Some Advice for DIY Guys...

You've replaced that gasket, adjusted that screw, moved the fixture; you've done everything that YouTube video told you to do but your faucet is still making noises, leaking and giving you a hassle. While sometimes troubleshooting your faucet or fixture problem can be a quick and cheap solution, a lot of the time you wind up with more of a headache than when you started.

You have to be very careful when troubleshooting faucet and fixture problems at home. Some DIY plumbing is not considered up to code and can reduce the resale value of your home.

An advantage to having a plumber come take a look at your leaking faucet or busted fixture is that they're guranteed to have all the proper tools and will be ready to get to work. If you've ever decided to install a toilet yourself or did a "quick" job replacing a sink, then you know that sometimes you run into road blocks when you don't have the proper wrench or seal to finish the job - or perhaps you realized you bought the wrong sized sink!

Also, a local plumber will be familiar with Colorado Springs plumbing codes and the best tips for fixing common problems. Some easy repairs, such as cleaning the aerator or shower head, you can often do yourself. You can find tips and advice for home plumbing repairs by visiting our Colorado Springs plumbering blog


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