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Choose locally owned plumbing services you can trust. Our reviews speak for themselves.

Are you searching the web for plumbing services near me?  Our local Colorado Springs plumbers are fully trained and highly skilled for all of your plumbing needs. We are a licensed and insured plumbing company operating in the Pikes Peak region.

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We offer a full range of plumbing services including:

Faucet & Fixture Repair

Faucets and fixtures can demonstrate a whole range of problems from leaking to shifting to jerking or making strange noises. We can help troubleshoot the problem and advise you on the best fix. Sometimes the whole fixture will need to be replaced while sometimes it is as simple as replacing a small gasket.

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Drain Cleaning and Clogged Drains

The cost of drain cleaning in Colorado Springs will vary based on the severity of a clog.  Simple snaking of the drain is usually quick and easy.  Cleaning out the main line is a bigger problem.

Call us to describe your drain cleaning problem. We can usually give a free estimate over the phone for most drain problems. 

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Bathroom & Kitchen Plumbing Services for Colorado Springs

If you are a homeowner or contractor looking for a Colorado Springs plumber to remodel a new bathroom or kitchen then we are the guys to call.

We can install your kitchen sink, bathtub, shower, bathroom sink, toilet or other bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures.

Why work with us? Because we offer a LIFETIME labor warranty on all of our services. 

Outdoor Spigot Service & Repair

Did a hose accidentally get left on an outdoor spigot?  A simple mistake like that can cause serious damage to an outdoor spigot.

Spigots can burst, leak or stop running for different reasons and having a qualified plumbing technician come out to inspect the spigot can help give you the best course of action for repair. 

Frozen Pipe Repair

As you know, the temperatures in Colorado Springs can plunge well below freezing.  It is very common for pipes to burst from this extreme cold.

This is not only a scary situation but can be a costly one if not handled properly.  Luckily, our Colorado Springs plumbers are seasoned experts at repairing frozen pipes.

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Sump Pump Service & Repair

Sump pumps can alarm us when they start making odd humming noises or stop working altogether. Sump pumps can malfunction for a whole range of reasons from freezing temperatures to being installed improperly.

If you are experiencing troubles with your sump pump then contact the best sump pump repair service in Colorado Springs. We do the job right the first time.

Emergency Plumbing

Burst pipes, flooding, strange noises coming from the piping and more can all be cause for alarm. Luckily, we are open all day, every day.

The plumbing repair experts at Pikes Peak Mechanical are always available to help you out during a plumbing emergency.

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Some other services that we offer to Colorado Springs contractors and residents include:

  • Toilet Repair & Service

  • Troubleshooting Low Water Pressure

  • Inspecting Sewer Lines

  • Sprinkler Services

  • Septic Services

  • Plumbing Camera Inspections

  • Air Conditioning Services


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