Five Signs You May Need a Hot Water Heater Repair or Even Replacement

In Colorado Springs we like our beer cold and our showers hot. If you shivering in the shower then read these 5 signs you need a hot water heater repair.
hot water heater repair hot water heater repair

Every homeowner knows the day will come when they have to call their Colorado Springs plumber to have a hot water heater repair.

Will you meet a mess of soggy carpets from a leak? Or maybe your bathwater will run cold? Will company be visiting? You may not even be home when it happens, leading to an even bigger emergency.

A hot water heater emergency leads to damage to your home and possessions.

Hot water heater repair or replacement is a necessary, yet often dreaded home maintenance repair. Much of that dread comes due to the cost, time, and lack of information when a hot water heater repair or replacement happens. It needs a  fix and soon!

Hot water heater repair need not be such a chore though. Keep reading to learn the 5 signs that you may need a hot water heater repair. 


5 must know signs of hot water heater repair

There are five indicators to be aware to keep the hot water heater in your Colorado Springs home in top performing condition and to avoid the mess that can come with a leak or repair.

The age of your hot water heater matters

Do you know how old your hot water heater is? Most water heaters will only last 10-15 years. If yours is nearing this range, you may need to consider getting a new hot water heater before serious damage occurs.

Boiling Hot Tip: The serial number secretly contains the manufacture date of your hot water heater, but the date is written differently than normal dates.  The letter at the start of the serial number corresponds to the month (ex: F is the 6th letter, so the 6th month is June), followed by two numbers that stand for the year.

Learn more: How to tell the age of your make of hot water heater

Is your hot water still running clear?

You may notice your hot water turning a reddish, rusty color as your hot water heater is nearing the end of its life.

The water may also appear muddy or sandy. Often, in this case, a cleaning of the sediment at the bottom of the tank may be enough to bring your hot water heater back to peak performance. A buildup causes inefficient operating, costing you more to run your hot water heater.

Coloradans loathe cold showers

In Colorado Springs we love our beer cold and our showers hot. Never the other way around.

If your hot water is no longer running as hot as it used to, you may need to replace the hot water heating element. It is common for heating elements to gradually burnout, weakening the water heater’s ability to keep higher temperatures.

Replacing our heating element is a hot water heater repair best done by a qualified Colorado Springs plumber.

Steaming Hot Tip: Keep your hot water heater thermostat between 120 to 140 degrees. A lower temperature may provide warm water, but not the hot steamy shower we love.

Your water usage affects hot water heater lifespan

How much and how often do you use hot water? How big is your household?

A larger household size will draw on the hot water heater more often than a water heater that is only supporting a single person. Your hot water heater will wear out faster in this case. As your water heater nears 10 years of life, look to budget for a hot water heater repair or even replacement.

What do you hear and see?

Noise associated with your hot water heater is never a good thing.

Rumbling, loud popping and cracking sounds can show mineral buildup inside the heating elements of the unit. If you hear strange sounds, it’s likely your hot water heater will stop working soon since the heater is no longer working efficiently with the buildup.

Mineral buildup in the water heater can cause the metal to wear and become brittle. Brittle metal is more likely to crack or break. If you see any water dripping or puddling at the base of the water heater or small leaks on the exterior of the unit, it may be approaching the end of its life.

Love your hot water heater and it will love you

Avoid costly repairs, replacement, and emergencies by investing in an inspection to make sure your hot water heater is in top operating shape. Colorado Springs homeowners don’t want to have a larger leak or repair in the future that is avoidable with a small investment now.

We recommend you have your hot water heater inspected each year to avoid an expensive repair and a possible messy situation.

Get your free hot water heater repair or replacement quote

Hot water heater repairs are cheaper before there is an emergency.  Save time, money and avoid shivering in the shower by getting your hot water heater repaired at the first sign of trouble.  

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