The Pros and Cons of Different Water Heaters in Colorado Springs

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Pick the Right Water Heater for your Home

Selecting a new water heater is quick and easy when you understand the pros and cons of the different models available.  

Below, we’ve outlined the benefits and downfalls of the three most popular water heater styles on the market. While browsing, we recommend considering factors like size, installation, energy efficiency, and rebate availability to pick a model that will truly be a good fit for your home. 

Different Styles of Colorado Springs Water Heaters

Traditional Stand-Up Water Heaters

Pros: Stand-up water heaters are recognized as the most affordable type of water heater to purchase, install, and repair. This appliance model is predominantly made up of a large storage tank and requires a large amount of space. The tank holds anywhere from 30-50 gallons of “pre-heated” water, which provides an instant supply of hot water to the home. On average, these tanks have a lifespan of 10-15 years.

Cons: Keeping gallons of pre-heated water on hand also serves as a catch-22. Because the water held in the tank is constantly being heated, these models are notorious for driving up the cost of utility bills. Because there is only a limited amount of hot water on hand, homeowners must wait until the tank has refilled before they can access more hot water. 

Tankless Heaters

Pros: Tankless heaters are much smaller than traditional water heaters, allowing them to fit in tight spaces like small closets. Tankless heaters provide hot water “on demand,” giving homeowners unlimited access to hot water. Because the water is warmed on an as-needed basis, tankless heaters often reduce monthly energy bills. Depending on the model you purchase, a tankless heater can last 20+ years. 

Cons: The biggest downfall of tankless heaters is the costs to purchase and install. These models often cost more up-front than traditional heaters and require a lengthy installation – especially if they are being retrofitted. Homeowners in an older home on the West Side of Colorado Springs should speak with an experienced plumbing contractor in Colorado Springs to ensure a tankless model is compatible with their home’s plumbing and electrical system before purchasing the appliance.   

Heat Pump and Hybrid Water Heaters

Pros: These new heaters are most popular for the outstanding energy savings they offer. Hybrid models are equipped with multiple settings (including sleep mode) that can save homeowners up to 60% on their monthly water bill. After installation, homeowners can obtain tax incentives and rebates for their eco-friendly purchase.  

Cons: Hybrid water heaters pull hot air from their surroundings to heat water; as such, they must be placed in an area that remains at 40-90 degrees year-round to operate correctly. Because temperatures in the Front Range fluctuate dramatically during summer and winter, few homeowners in Colorado Springs choose to install hybrid models. 

Despite the energy savings and tax incentives that come with hybrid water heaters, traditional and tankless models are still the most popular styles used in homes and multi-family communities throughout the Front Range. To determine which model would be most cost-effective after installation, use this energy efficiency calculator

No matter what type of water heater you choose to install, we recommend speaking with a plumbing contractor in Colorado Springs to ensure the appliance you pick is compatible with the piping and electrical systems in your home first. 

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