Water Heaters

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Water Heaters

Missing your morning shower because of a broken water heater can really mess up your day. It's easy to forget how important a water heater is to your morning routine, at least, until it's broken. Learn about some helpful tips for troubleshooting common water heater problems for inline, propane, gas and electric water heater systems. Need your water heater fixed right now? We're available 24/7. Just give us a call at 719-232-4720.

Hot water heater repair may sound intimidating, and some repairs are better left to a plumber. However, there are 3 simple do-it-yourself hot water heater repairs most homeowners can tackle.  

As a top plumbing company in Colorado Springs, we get a constant flow (see what we did there lol) of calls from shivering homeowners just out of a freezing shower.  Often the call is due to these 3 simple to fix problems.

So keep reading and maybe you can avoid a plumber bill.  In this post, we explain the 3 common hot water heater problems that just about any homeowner can fix - including you.

Every homeowner knows the day will come when they have to call their Colorado Springs plumber to have a hot water heater repair.

Will you meet a mess of soggy carpets from a leak? Or maybe your bathwater will run cold? Will company be visiting? You may not even be home when it happens, leading to an even bigger emergency.

A hot water heater emergency leads to damage to your home and possessions.

Hot water heater repair or replacement is a necessary, yet often dreaded home maintenance repair. Much of that dread comes due to the cost, time, and lack of information when a hot water heater repair or replacement happens. It needs a  fix and soon!

Hot water heater repair need not be such a chore though. Keep reading to learn the 5 signs that you may need a hot water heater repair. 

Every so often we get a call for a hot water heater repair that could have been avoided.

When something goes wrong, you don’t have to pick up the phone right away to call a Colorado Springs plumber. You can do some basic troubleshooting yourself, and depending on the problem, even make a simple repair or two.

Performing a little DIY hot water heater maintenace can save you a lot of money, especially over the life of your hot water heater. 

Here are a few common problems people run into with their water heaters and how to troubleshoot and possibly fix the problem.

Pick the Right Water Heater for your Home

Selecting a new water heater is quick and easy when you understand the pros and cons of the different models available.  

Below, we’ve outlined the benefits and downfalls of the three most popular water heater styles on the market. While browsing, we recommend considering factors like size, installation, energy efficiency, and rebate availability to pick a model that will truly be a good fit for your home. 

Is it time to replace or repair your water heater? Getting your water heater serviced regularly could have prevented that repair from needing to be done. Just like a car, a water heater needs routine maintenance to keep it working in tip-top shape. You should plan to have your water heater serviced according to its style as well as your water hardness and water consumption. The water heater maintenance process is easy and you'll have assurance that many potential problems can be avoided.


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