What You Should Know: Sewer Line Inspection and Repair

Most homeowners believe that proper maintenance of the sewer lines are the responsibility of the municipality where they live. However, homeowners are...

Most homeowners believe that proper maintenance of the sewer lines are the responsibility of the municipality where they live. However, homeowners are actually responsible for the portion of the sewer line that runs from your house to the main line under the street. This means that any damage to that branch of the sewer line, whether it’s a broken or clogged pipe, is the responsibility of the homeowner to repair and maintain. Having a sewer line inspection done can help you diagnose any potential issues with your sewer system so that the proper area can be replaced or repaired.

Benefits of Sewer Line Inspection in Colorado Springs

Having your sewer line inspected is one of the best ways to catch any problems early on, before they become an expensive repair. A proper inspection will usually include a special camera that can snake its way through the line and give the plumber a good idea of the line’s condition. 

Another inspection method is using a snake-like tool through the sewer line. If the plumber encounters any resistance, then it can be a sign of a clog. The same tool can also be used to clean out the sewer line. However, the biggest drawback to this method is that it cannot detect cracks and leaks. Because of this limitation, video inspections still remain the most effective way to check the condition of your home’s sewer line.

Who Should Get A Sewer Line Inspection

If you’re wondering if you need a line inspection then think first about the age of your home. Homes built prior to 1984 had clay sewer pipes. These clay pipes have nowhere near the strength of modern pipes, and they can easily be broken or crushed. They should be replaced.

If you have trees growing near your sewer line, then it’s worth having it inspected. This is a very common problem for sewer line damage in Colorado Springs. One of the biggest reasons for damaged sewer lines are the roots of large trees. Often, roots can extend far beyond where the tree is located and become entangled, or even force their way into, sewer pipes. Tree roots will break the pipe, clog it up, cause leaks and generally make your life miserable. 

Finally, anyone experiencing unexplained backup in their home’s plumbing system should have an inspection. Also, standing water in your lawn or other areas where it’s not normal can mean a leak in your line. That should also be looked at by a qualified plumber immediately.

Sewer Line Repair

Unfortunately, most sewer line repair methods require some excavation on your property. The amount of digging required depends heavily on the type and severity of damage discovered during the inspection.

There is a trenchless repair method that limits the amount of excavation needed. During a trenchless repair, an access hole is dug that only extends to the damaged part of the line. This allows the plumber to remove and replace the damaged section of pipe. 

However, if the pipes are too damaged, then a larger excavation will be needed. A backhoe will excavate the entire area around the line so repairs can be made. Once the problem has been fixed, the backhoe will fill the dirt back in. If the sewer line is located under the driveway, for example, then getting the property back to normal will mean doing some repaving and will cost more than just having to plant some new grass or replace a few bushes.

Importance Of Preventing Problems And Regular Inspections

One of the best ways to prevent damage to your home’s sewer line is to avoid washing down things that might cause damage. This includes caustic liquids, grease, wet wipes and other things that are known to damage/clog sewer lines.

Regular inspections by a certified Colorado Springs plumbing company are also important. Plumbing camera inspections can help catch potential issues early on and can reduce the cost of having to repair your sewer line because a problem was allowed to fester for too long.

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