Colorado Springs Sewer Line Cleaning

Don’t neglect your house’s sewer line! Many residents in Colorado Springs focus on the plumbing in their home, like toilets, sinks and appliances. But...

Don’t neglect your house’s sewer line!

Many residents in Colorado Springs focus on the plumbing in their home, like toilets, sinks and appliances. But many people don’t think about the sewer line that takes their waste from their house to the municipal sewer line. The line that connects the two is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain. The two biggest problems homeowners face with their main sewer line are clogs and breaks. 

When Should I Clean My Sewer Line?

When a house’s main sewer line becomes clogged with waste, sewage might start backing up into the toilets or other fixtures in the home. If a plumber determines there is no clog within the house’s plumbing, then an inspection of the sewer line will be needed. Most plumbers can do this with a special camera that is able to snake its way through the sewer and gives the plumber real-time video images of the pipe’s interior. This allows the plumber to find exactly where the clog is located.

It’s important to keep in mind that a house’s main sewer line is fairly large, usually about 6” in diameter. This means it takes much more than tissue or other debris to clog a sewer line. One of the largest culprits of clogs is tree roots. Roots are able to push their way into sewer lines, creating a blockage that can start to collect other debris (tissue, etc). Eventually, a complete block of the line occurs and the homeowner suddenly has a big problem.

How Is My Sewer Line Cleaned?

The method plumbers in Colorado Springs use to clean a sewer line really depends on how large the clog is and if there is any other damage. Main sewer lines generally cannot be cleaned with chemicals because of most chemical cleaners are caustic and can corrode the line over time. This means that sewer lines need to be unclogged with mechanical tools.

For most sewer lines an auger can do the trick very efficiently. These augers snake their way into the line and then grind out the clog. Where the auger is inserted into the sewer line depends on where the clog is.

That said, if the cause of the blockage is because tree roots have forced their way into the sewer line, then there’s probably a break that will need to be repaired. This is done by removing the damaged area and replacing it with new pipe. 

Before And After The Sewer Cleaning

Because the main sewer line runs from the house’s property to the municipal sewer line in Colorado Springs it will go under the lawn, driveway, gardens, etc. In order to access many parts of your line, workers will have to excavate the earth over it, meaning digging up part of your property.

If your driveway will be affected, then you’ll need to make plans on where you’ll park your car/s (since you probably won’t be able to get in and out of the garage). Also be prepared to have the driveway repaved once the sewer line repairs are made. Once the work is done, the dirt will be filled back in but it’s up to you to get it repaved.

If it’s your lawn that will be affected, then it’s a little easier. Part of the lawn will be dug up, and maybe even some (or all) of your garden. Once the dirt is filled back in, you can start the replanting process to get your yard looking good again.

Sewer Line Inspections Prevent Small Problems From Turning Into Big Ones

Your house’s main sewer line in Colorado Springs is an important part of your plumbing system. Having it inspected before a problem crops up will prevent any surprises in the future. Also, if you live in an older home the sewer line might be made out of clay, which is very easy for tree roots to break through. If this is the case, consider getting your sewer line replaced with more modern and sturdier material.

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