Get Your Outdoor Colorado Springs Plumbing Ready for Summer

Summer is right around the corner – get your Colorado Springs outdoor plumbing system ready for the warm weather (and summer storms) coming to the Front Range.

Is your Outdoor Plumbing Ready for the Summer?

Most Coloradoans are educated about winter plumbing safety, but few consider how important it is to maintain their plumbing system in the summer as well. By taking the time to check and test a few basic plumbing components, you can avoid calling a Colorado Springs plumbing company for an unexpected repair. 

Outdoor Plumbing Tips for All Colorado Springs Homes 

  • Inspect your Sprinkler System: Damaged sprinkler systems can drive up utility bills and ruin the beauty of your lawn. If your sprinkler system has been damaged, the issue will need to be corrected before you can enjoy a grassy green lawn.
  • Exposed Pipes and Faucets: Colorado winters are incredibly hard on outdoor plumbing. As your exposed pipes freeze and thaw, they become susceptible to wear and tear that could lead to serious leaks.  Every summer, we recommend checking all exposed outdoor plumbing fixtures for leaks and damage caused by the cold or spring hail.
  • Hoses: The extreme winter weather in the Front Range can crack hoses and their spigots. Each summer, run your hose and watch for small leaks throughout the length of the hose and at the spigot.
  • Gutters: Every Front Range resident knows that the warm Front Range summers are sprinkled with sudden flash floods. These heavy rains can cause serious damage to gutters – before the heavy storms start to hit the region, check your gutter system for clogs, accumulations of leaves, and cracks.
  • Sump Pumps: Many new homes on the east-end of Colorado Springs are equipped with sump pumps to save the home’s foundation from the heavy seasonal rains. Each summer, you should test your pump – especially if you plan to leave for an extended vacation.  

Leaving Colorado Springs for Vacation This Summer? Here are a Few Bonus Plumbing Tips: 

If you’re planning to leave for a summer trip, check the plumbing components below before leaving your home. 

  • Sink and Shower Faucets: A simple leaky faucet can drive up your utility bill. As you prepare to leave for vacation, walk through your home and ensure all faucets have been turned off completely. For extra peace of mind, check the exposed pipes underneath your sink for leaks as well. 
  • Water Heater: A leaky water heater can quickly flood your home if it isn’t fixed immediately. A few days before you leave, check your appliance for any signs of leaks.
  • Turn off the Main Valve: Many old homes in Colorado Springs were built with polybutylene pipes, which have been banned due to their reputation of bursting unexpectedly. If you’re leaving for more than a week, shut off your main water valve to prevent the risk of water damage caused by an unexpected leak. 

Maintaining your plumbing system is essential for preventing serious problems from occurring later on. By using these simple maintenance tips each summer, you can save yourself thousands of dollars in emergency plumbing services and repair. For the best results, we recommend performing a winter plumbing check each year as well. 

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