Plumbing Tips for Colorado Springs Property Managers

When your investment property needs help with a routine plumbing checkup or emergency, trust a local Colorado Springs plumbing contractor.

Preventative plumbing maintenance saves property managers thousands.

As a property manager, it’s your responsibility to ensure the plumbing system in your building operates safely and effectively year-round. Not only could plumbing issues impact the quality of life of your tenants, it can also cause serious structural damage to the other areas of your property. 

As a Colorado Springs plumbing contractor, we respond to hundreds of commercial plumbing issues and emergencies in the Front Range each year. To help property managers like you side-step costly repairs and take better care of their investments, review these common commercial plumbing issues and what you can do to avoid them.

What are the Most Common Commercial Plumbing Problems?

Whether you own an office building or a multi-family community, there are some plumbing issues that property investors regularly face in the Front Range. 

Overflowing Systems:

Liquid drain cleaners, foreign solid objects, and hair are three common culprits for clogged commercial pipes. When pipes become so clogged that water and waste can’t travel through efficiently, they overflow. If you’re struggling with backed-up or overflowing pipes, contact a plumbing professional immediately before the problem becomes more severe. 

Leaking Pipes:

Leaking pipes can cause water damage in crucial areas of a building and wastes hundreds of gallons of water – and thousands of dollars -  each year. 

If a pipe has begun to leak or has broken completely, call a Colorado Springs plumbing contractor immediately to find and correct the problem. If uncorrected, damaged or leaking pipes can cause a number of additional issues (such as mold growth or water damage) within your building.

Sewage Leaks:

Sewage leaks are just as much of a health hazard as they are a structural threat. 

When sewage lines (or the septic tank itself) becomes damaged or clogged, it can cause flooding and plumbing backups. Colorado Springs plumbing contractors work on hundreds of septic issues each year, many of which are triggered by leaking pipes and aggressive ground roots. Protect your property from falling victim to these common plumbing issues by having your tank and lines inspected annually. 

2 Simple Steps for Protecting Your Property (and Wallet)

Save yourself from the elevated cost of serious repairs and replacements by maintaining the plumbing system in your investment properties diligently. 

Use these two preventative maintenance techniques to protect your investment and ensure your building’s plumbing system operates as efficiently as possible: 

#1 Create responsibilities and expectations for tenants: 

Although property owners are responsible for maintaining their buildings, tenants are equally responsible for treating their unit or suite with respect. Many property owners include a list of tenant expectations in their lease agreements, which includes notifying the property manager of any issues that arise before they become a serious problem. 

#2 Get regular plumbing inspections

Having a regular plumbing inspection done by a local Colorado Springs plumbing contractor is the simplest, most inexpensive way to stop minor plumbing issues before they turn into large problems. Offset the threat of serious plumbing problems by scheduling annual plumbing inspections and repairs for your property. 

Being a property manager requires juggling a lot of responsibility –with the right information and a team of trusted professional plumbers, you can reduce the amount of capital allocated towards major repairs and keep your building operating flawlessly year-round.  If you’re ready to schedule a preventative maintenance consultation for your commercial building or multi-family community, contact the Pikes Peak Mechanical team today at (719) 232-4720. 


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