Gentlemen, Start Your Irrigation. Tips for Colorado Springs Sprinkler Startup

Lawn sprinkler startup in Colorado Springs is no too difficult. But if you’ve never done it before you may be a bit intimidated. These tips will get you watering in now time.
Call a Plumber for Sprinkler Startup Call a Plumber for Sprinkler Startup

Yes, this is an article about sprinkler startup on a plumbing blog.  We know it seems odd but many Colorado Springs plumbing companies perform lawn sprinkler startup, repair, and installation.  

Automatic sprinkler systems make lawn maintenance and watering your garden easy, but after a cold and long winter, the systems need a little TLC before jumping right into full-on summer mode.

In this post, we provide tips for lawn sprinkler startup and repair for the Pikes Peak climate and lawns.


Tips for Sprinkler Startup

De-winterizing and activating your Colorado Springs sprinkler system in the spring isn't too difficult, but if you’ve never done it before, you may not know where to begin. For starters, you may need spare parts, and common replacements you may need include sprinkler heads, risers, nozzles, and fittings. Other than that, just follow these Colorado sprinkler startup tips to get your system up and running for the spring and summer.

Test the Ground

As soon as the frost has melted to a depth of 12 inches, you can get your sprinkler going for the warmer weather to come. All you have to do is use a shovel to dig a foot into the ground to ensure there's no frost left in the soil. If you do this too early and there's still frost, you could damage the system if water freezes inside it.

Reference:  Click to view a chart of the first and last frost dates in Colorado Springs

Check for and Repair Sprinkler System Breaks and Damage

Outdoor lawn sprinkler systems can take quite a beating over the Colorado winter months, and the cold, snow and freezing temperatures can cause breakages and general damage you must check for.

Places to inspect during sprinkler startup include the zone valve manifolds, sprinkler heads, visible hoses, and the vacuum breaker. If you find any breaks or damage, be sure to perform a sprinkler repair before you turn the system on. You should also check the zone valve wiring for damage and make sure there aren't any loose connections.

Create an Escape Route for Air in the System

There's most likely air in your sprinkler system and it’s important to give it somewhere to go before you fill the system with water. Otherwise, too much pressure will build, and you could cause damage.

Locate and open the air pressure relief valves, or if your system isn't equipped with these, find the highest sprinkler head in each zone and take it off. This will allow air to escape the system as it’s replaced by water.

Fill the System with Water One Zone at a Time

Fill the sprinklers systems main line first by opening the valve slowly. It’s important to take your time, so pressure doesn’t build up in the sprinkler system. Filling each zone could take as long as half an hour, so be patient.

When the water pours freely from the sprinkler head riser, shut off the water, replace the sprinkler head or close the air relief valve, and move on to filling the next zone.

Run the Sprinklers for a Few Minutes

Once you’ve filled all the zones, turn on the system and allow it to run for two to three minutes. Go around to each zone and make sure the water is coming out of the sprinkler heads properly, and that the water pressure is adequate. Look for breaks, leaks, and water coming up from the ground, which could indicate that an underground line needs repair.

Get Professional Sprinkler Startup and Repair Help

There is no shame in calling a plumbing company for professional lawn sprinkler maintenance. In fact, for many homeowners, working with a local plumbing contractor is the best option. When you call a licensed plumbing company that understands the Colorado Springs climate and lawns, you can relax knowing your lawn care system will be ready to go for the summer.

We will look at any potential issues that could crop up and make recommendations to prevent future repairs and unexpected breakdowns.

Get a Free Draining Cleaning Quote on the Phone

Ready to get your sprinkler going for the summer? We know it seems odd, but calling a Colorado Springs plumbing contractor is a great way to get your sprinkler startup and de-winterization finished fast. Remember, as part of our sprinkler activation process, we will check for potential leaks and make sure the system is functioning properly.

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