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When building a new home, what plumber you use is important. You don’t want to use a plumber that does just service and repairs. You’ll want to hire a...

When building a new home, what plumber you use is important. You don’t want to use a plumber that does just service and repairs. You’ll want to hire a plumbing contractor. Because putting in new construction for a kitchen is different than just fixing a pipe.

A Colorado Springs plumbing contractor will know what the local codes are and how to follow them. He or she will know how to connect all the plumbing into the water and sewer systems. Or if there is a septic system, how to tap into that correctly. A good plumbing contractor will also be licensed and know what paperwork needs to be filled out with local government authorities. Additionally, good plumbing contractor will have the experience to work with the other contractors.

When new plumbing construction goes wrong

If you decide to do the plumbing yourself or hire an unqualified contractor, problems can develop. Some of these problems could be:

  • The drainage is bad: This can be caused by pipes which were installed that are too narrow for the water being pushed through them. It can also be from poor drain venting. Both of these issues will cause drains to run slowly or clog frequently.
  • Leaking at joints: One of the reasons pipes may leak is that the pipes were fitted together poorly or the wrong, perhaps substandard, pipes were used. To fix this problem, there will need to be expensive re-piping and costly subfloor repairs. This will then stop further building damage or the wasting of water.
  • Toilets that leak: This can be a serious problem because it will cause damage to your subfloor if it continues. If the toilet installation is done incorrectly, the toilet will leak around the base which can cause this subflooring problem.
  • Water pressure which is low and slow water flow: If the water pipes used are the incorrect size, this can cause water pressure problems. This means that every time you run water for something, for example the laundry, it will take longer to complete the task. Or there won’t be enough water pressure to do other tasks.

Another reason to use a qualified plumbing contractor is that the contractor can plan the layout for the pipes which works best for your kitchen. If an inferior plumber does the work, or if you do the plumbing yourself and make a mistake in the plumbing, it can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Plus, there will be no warranty. There can be water damage and leaks from ill-fitting pipes too. Don’t forget that pipes will be running up through the walls and under floors and sinks, so the person doing the plumbing must be an experienced professional.

Choosing the fixtures

Since the central part of your kitchen is the sink, where put it is important. So below are some factors to think about when choosing your sink and fixtures and how plumbing ties in with that choice:

  • The kitchen sink: Deciding whether you want a single or double bowl sink has more to it than just the look of it. So, whichever sink you choose, having a professional plumber on hand is important. Here, the plumbing fixtures must have the space needed with room for storage, and the sink may need to be set higher to accommodate any extra piping needed.
  • Under the sink: If you decide you want garbage disposal, it’s better to put it in now than after all the pipes have been installed. Also, something like an expensive water filtration system will need extra space for the plumbing fixtures. Having everything planned out and installed as the kitchen is being constructed then will save both time and money in the long run.
  • Installing the dishwasher: Deciding what dishwasher you want installed in your kitchen is important. Making sure that it fits into the designed space with the proper plumbing is something a professional plumbing contractor can do easily. Also, it’s better to make sure that everything’s going to fit first rather than ordering it last and then trying to fit it into a space that’s too small. Or perhaps, has plumbing that isn’t suited. Too, a professional plumbing contractor doing the job will make sure that the other contractors use the right materials. This is necessary because the kitchen flooring must support your dishwasher, kitchen islands and countertop.

New construction for kitchen plumbing as explained should be done by a professional Colorado Springs plumbing contractor.

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