Garbage Disposal Smells – The Causes and How to Fix It

Find out how to stop smelly garbage disposals and when to call a Colorado Springs professional plumber.

“My sink smells horrible – help!” 

Garbage disposals are essential for keeping sinks clog-free, but they can also be the source of foul odors when they’re not cleaned properly.  

The thought of rotting scents coming from a sink may make you cringe, but this problem crops up in hundreds of homes throughout Colorado Springs every year. Take a look at what a Colorado Springs professional plumber says are the most common causes of garbage disposal odors.

Garbage Disposal Smells: What Causes Them? 

Garbage disposals protect sinks from clogs by breaking down foods before they enter the drain. Sometimes, however, small pieces of food are left in the disposal chamber and begin to rot over time. 

If you’ve noticed a rotting smell coming from your sink, eliminate the smell by cleaning your disposal using the tips below. 

Removing Garbage Disposal Odors 

The best way to remove foul odors from your garbage disposal is to clean the inside thoroughly. 

But wait! Put down that bottle of Bleach – there’s no need to send harsh chemicals down your drain. The best plumbers in Colorado Springs know that commercial cleaners like Bleach and Drain can destroy the old pipes throughout the West Side from the inside out while shortening the lifespan of pipes in newer homes. 

Instead of turning to chemical cleaners, try using these all-natural alternatives instead. 

Citrus Fruits 

The fresh smell of citrus counters both bacteria and odor, making this family of fruits excellent cleaning agents. Limes, lemons, and oranges all have strong scents that neutralize smells without harming the health of your pipes. Simply send your favorite citrus fruit into the garbage disposal (with warm water) and turn your disposal on for two-second intervals until the fruit has been broken down. 

You may have to repeat this process 1-2 times to eliminate the odor in your sink.

Baking Soda Mixed with Vinegar

Baking soda is known for its unique ability to absorb and neutralize smells, while vinegar is a powerful cleaning agent capable of lifting stains and tough dirt. 

To clean your sink with baking soda and vinegar, mix 1 cup of dry baking soda with an equal amount of white vinegar. Pour the mixture into your sink and turn the disposal on for two-second intervals. Repeat as needed.

Other Causes of Sink Smells 

If you’ve tried the techniques above and are still experiencing sink odors, you may be suffering from a different issue entirely. 

When a drain has sustained a leak at the U bend or the plumbing vent, it causes a smell similar to garbage disposal odor to emit from the sink. This mechanical issue should be solved by a professional plumber and is not considered a DIY project. 

Our team has helped to fix countless sink and disposal issues throughout The Springs, Fountain, and Monument.

Work with a Colorado Springs plumber that is familiar with old and newly constructed homes in the Front Range. If you can’t remove foul smells from your garbage disposal, contact a kitchen plumber to help diagnose the problem.

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