Plumbing Camera Inspections Save You Time And Money

One of the biggest challenges plumbers must overcome when troubleshooting a problem is they often can’t see the pipes. Pipes are installed inside wall...
This is inconvenient - Plumbing Camera Inspections are not. This is inconvenient - Plumbing Camera Inspections are not.

One of the biggest challenges plumbers must overcome when troubleshooting a problem is they often can’t see the pipes. Pipes are installed inside walls, between floors of a house or building and underground. Trying to find the problem can mean a costly removal of wall/floor sections or even having to excavate part of your property to find the offending pipe.

A very efficient way to overcome this problem without ripping up the house is with specialized cameras that allow plumbers to see deep into the plumbing system. These cameras can snake their way through pipes, providing high-resolution images to the plumber. This way, they can isolate the specific pipe that needs to be repaired or replaced and get to work on that one area.

Benefits of Plumbing Inspection Cameras

Aside from not having to rip out walls or dig up the ground, a video inspection will also show the plumber many things that otherwise would go unnoticed. For example, is the drain running slow because of a simple clog or because two pipes are misaligned? With the video, the plumber can see exactly why a drain might be running slow. 

If the problem is a clog in the pipe, they can diagnose if it is caused by typical family waste like loose hair, toilet paper and other debris. If this is the case, then the fix can be pretty simple. On the other hand, there might be a buildup of calcium deposits or other minerals. Even children’s toys have been found deep in the pipes of a home’s plumbing system. Knowing the exact problem is crucial for the plumber to make a successful repair and reduce the costs associated with that repair. 

Another benefit of using an inspection camera is if there is a hole or crack in the pipe. With the camera, the plumber can see where the hole is, its size and if there are other problems in addition to the hole. The plumber might also be able to see what is causing the hole or crack. A common cause for damaged pipes in Colorado Springs are overgrown roots from local trees. They're a lovely landscape feature but they can wreak havoc on the plumbing systems. If the problem comes from the main sewer line going to a house, tree roots might have broken into the pipe. 

Who Should Consider Having a Camera Inspection?

While anyone who hires a plumber can benefit from a camera inspection, there are some instances where a plumbing camera inspection in Colorado Springs is very important.

Home buyers are one group that can really benefit from a camera inspection. Part of the home buying process is the general house inspection. This happens right before the contract is signed and money changes hands. 

The home buyer should insist on a camera inspection of the main sewer line leading from the house to the municipal sewage system. Why? Because blockages, cracks, leaks, holes or any other problems in the sewer line can be extremely expensive to repair since it means the ground must be excavated. The camera inspection will cost extra, but it will save the potential home buyer thousands of dollars if a problem is discovered before purchasing the house.

Likewise, a septic inspection is required before buying or selling a home in El Paso County, Colorado.

The owners of any building, including apartment complexes, office buildings and warehouses can also benefit from a camera inspection. The plumbing systems in larger structures are more complicated than in a home - making any repair costs significantly more. 

Camera Inspections Are Worth Every Penny

Camera inspections are easy to perform, the cost is minimal and they can save a lot of money because they’re a non-invasive way of diagnosing a problem. Most plumbers offer this service, so it’s worth asking about the next time one visits your home or building. You never know what they might find. 

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