Avoid Repeated Drain Clogs - Get a Colorado Springs Plumber to Snake Your Drain

Learn why commercial drain cleaners may be the cause of your problem, and why a professional Colorado Springs drain cleaning is a better choice.

Are Commercial Drain Cleaners Clogging your Pipes? 

Store-bought chemicals and cleaners are bad for air quality, but could they also damage the plumbing in your home? Although commercial drain cleaners are marketed as safe and effective ways to unclog pipes, they are often one of the root causes of chronic drainage issues. 

Particularly in older homes (like those found on the west side of Colorado Springs), solutions like DrainO! can escalate plumbing issues rather than fix them. When in doubt about how much DrainO! is too much, call a Colorado Springs drain cleaning plumber for a safe answer.

Thankfully, it’s possible to unclog a sluggish drain without resorting to harmful chemicals.

The Problem with Colorado Springs Drains

When a drain clog occurs in a main toilet or kitchen sink, it can impact a family’s ability to continue with their normal daily routine. To fix drainage issues as fast as possible, it’s common for people to rush to the store for a bottle of drain cleaner. This is a huge mistake!

Contrary to popular belief, chemical drain cleaners don’t really “unclog” pipes.

Instead, harsh chemicals quickly burn a hole in the build-up as they flow down the drain, but aren’t able to remove the blockage completely. Because of this, commercial drain cleaners only serve as a temporary fix for clogged drains.

Note: If drain cleaners are used to treat clogged pipes repeatedly, they can cause the inside of pipes to deteriorate. This is a serious threat to older homes in Colorado Springs, many of which already struggle with pipe corrosion. 

The Real Solution to Clogged Drains

A properly functioning drain should never clog. Period. 

Issues with one or more drains clearing is almost always a sign of a blockage in the pipe. In some cases, sluggish drainage can be a sign of bigger plumbing issues, particularly if multiple drains are acting up throughout the home simultaneously. 

Instead of resorting to harsh drain cleaners, families are encouraged to have their drains snaked by a professional Colorado Springs drain cleaning service at the first sign of slow drainage.

Why Professional Drain Cleaning Services are Recommended

Snaking a drain is the best way to unclog a drain, but should only be done by a professional plumber.

While it may seem possible to snake a drain using a DIY contraption (such as a wire hanger), a single small mistake could damage your pipes even further. 

Remember: your plumbing system is something that runs through the entirety of your home. Damaging pipes in one area of your house during a DIY drain cleaning could cause additional problems in the plumbing system. If you absolutely must snake your drain yourself, purchase the right tool from a local hardware store first.

A clogged drain can make it difficult to complete daily chores like cooking and washing dishes. Because they can lead to more severe problems later on, sluggish drains should be fixed as soon as an issue is noticed. 

Pikes Peak Mechanical offers Pueblo, Monument and Colorado Springs drain cleaning services to homeowners and commercial businesses. Our staff always carries heavy-duty snakes and can be scheduled for service calls on short notice. 

Call us today at (719) 232-4720 to schedule an inspection.

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