Advice for Drain Cleaning in Colorado Springs

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Drain Cleaning in Colorado Springs Drain Cleaning in Colorado Springs

Drain cleaning in Colorado Springs is one of those things that is not on the radar of most local home homeowners.  Our drains are used constantly every day all day, with little notice.

That is until the drain gets clogged. Then the humble drain finally gets our attention.

The hassle of having to call a Colorado Springs plumbing company for professional drain cleaning is actually easy to avoid. Keeping your drains clean is an easy task if you pay attention to your house’s plumbing system and use a common sense approach to prevent severe clogs from developing.

In this post, I go over a few of the signs that your drain is becoming clogged and give you some common sense tips for preventing drains from clogging.

Signs That Your Drain Is Clogged

Not all drain clogs are the same. Sometimes the drain will just be partially blocked, and other times the drain will be completely blocked. A partially blocked drain can be difficult to detect, especially when the clog is just starting to form.

A drain clog that is particularly bad will be obvious because the water will not drain properly. For example, when you take a shower you’ll find yourself standing in several inches of water. Or the sink might start filling up with water just from brushing your teeth or shaving.

When drains are only partially blocked, however, it can be more difficult to know there’s a problem because the water might be draining without any problems. One way to know if a clog is forming is you notice a foul smell. This means that whatever is causing the blockage has begun to rot inside the pipes.

You can also tell something is wrong just by listening to your drain. If you hear gurgling noises as the water goes down, then something isn’t right. Gurgling noises are usually caused when the air is trapped in the pipes caused by a blockage is pushed up, making the water “bubble.”

Cause Of Drain Problems

We do a lot of drain cleaning in Colorado Springs and the most common drain clogs are caused when foreign objects get trapped in the pipes below the drain. Some common objects are hair that has built up over time, children’s toys (yes, it happens!), too much toilet paper and even grease that has been poured down the kitchen sink can build-up and cause a clog.

Another way your drains might get clogged is if your pipes are the older, galvanized steel type. Rust and calcium can build-up in the pipes to the point where water won’t properly drain. Some older homes in Colorado Springs have plumbing systems that use galvanized steel.  If this is the case for your home, then you might want to start thinking about replacing those steel pipes with copper or plastic piping.

You drain problems may go deeper than the kitchen sink or shower floor.  The reason may be deep in your sewer system.   If you notice any of these symptoms you may be in need of sewer system inspection and sewer cleaning.

  • Continuous clogs  

  • Multiple drains in the house are clogged or slow

  • Unpleasant odors from the drains

  • Recurring drain backups.

FYI there are many neighborhoods in Southern Colorado suffer from sewer problems caused by tree roots. 

Try This Before Calling Searching for Drain Cleaning in Colorado Springs

If you are even slightly handy you can try a few easy drain cleaning methods yourself before going online and searching for "plumbing services near me."

For smaller drain clogs, like too much toilet paper, a plunger is usually all that’s needed. However, for tougher clogs, or if a drain always seems to be backed up, then it’s probably a good idea to call a licensed plumber in Colorado Springs because the clog might be deeper down in the pipes. Plumbing companies have special tools to help find the problem and can make the repair without doing any further damage.

However, if caught early enough Colorado Springs homeowners can take some simple steps to repair the drain on their own. One way is to use a drain snake, also known as a plumbers snake. This is a long wire that has little spikes that point upward. When you snake the drain, the clog will get caught on those spikes and you’ll be able to pull it out. Drain snakes work best for clogs caused by softer objects like hair or grease.

Another solution is to use liquid drain cleaners. These work by dissolving whatever is causing the clog. It should be noted, however, that some drain cleaners can be corrosive on your pipes and over time might cause much bigger problems. If you’re having to use a liquid drain cleaner regularly, then it’s time to call in a Colorado Springs plumber because the problem is not going away.

Preventing Drain Clogs

Preventing clogs in your drain is relatively easy and just takes a little common sense. Here are 4 ways you can keep your drains clear:

  • Don’t pour grease down the drain.

  • Use a drain screen to block hair and other foreign objects.

  • Run hot water in the kitchen sink after use.

  • Don’t flush anything down the toilet other than waste and toilet paper.

Want more tips for drain cleaning in Colorado Springs? Read How to Prevent Clogs in Drains for Dummies.

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The cost of drain cleaning in Colorado Springs will vary based on the severity of a clog. Call us to describe your drain cleaning problem. Simple snaking of the drain is usually quick and easy.  Cleaning out the main line is a bigger problem.  

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