General Plumbing & HVAC

Our blog provides helpful answers and info for Colorado Springs residents interested in their general plumbing problems and HVAC systems. We are...

General Plumbing & HVAC

Our blog provides helpful answers and info for Colorado Springs residents interested in their general plumbing problems and HVAC systems. We are a plumbing and HVAC company with 15 years experience repairing and servicing Colorado Springs plumbing systems. We are here to help in any way we can.

Drain cleaning in Colorado Springs is one of those things that is not on the radar of most local home homeowners.  Our drains are used constantly every day all day, with little notice.

That is until the drain gets clogged. Then the humble drain finally gets our attention.

The hassle of having to call a Colorado Springs plumbing company for professional drain cleaning is actually easy to avoid. Keeping your drains clean is an easy task if you pay attention to your house’s plumbing system and use a common sense approach to prevent severe clogs from developing.

In this post, I go over a few of the signs that your drain is becoming clogged and give you some common sense tips for preventing drains from clogging.

Are Commercial Drain Cleaners Clogging your Pipes? 

Store-bought chemicals and cleaners are bad for air quality, but could they also damage the plumbing in your home? Although commercial drain cleaners are marketed as safe and effective ways to unclog pipes, they are often one of the root causes of chronic drainage issues. 

Particularly in older homes (like those found on the west side of Colorado Springs), solutions like DrainO! can escalate plumbing issues rather than fix them. When in doubt about how much DrainO! is too much, call a Colorado Springs drain cleaning plumber for a safe answer.

Thankfully, it’s possible to unclog a sluggish drain without resorting to harmful chemicals.

Old houses are often attractive to buyers because they lack the cookie-cutter look many of today’s homes have and the older homes tend to have a little more character. But with that character comes a special set of problems that owners of modern homes don’t have to face.

Plumbing in older homes can be a mixed bag. Depending on the upkeep by the previous owners and any upgrades made, the plumbing system might be very modern or still stuck in the 1970s (or earlier!).

The following are problems older homes tend to have in their plumbing systems.

One of the biggest challenges plumbers must overcome when troubleshooting a problem is they often can’t see the pipes. Pipes are installed inside walls, between floors of a house or building and underground. Trying to find the problem can mean a costly removal of wall/floor sections or even having to excavate part of your property to find the offending pipe.

A very efficient way to overcome this problem without ripping up the house is with specialized cameras that allow plumbers to see deep into the plumbing system. These cameras can snake their way through pipes, providing high-resolution images to the plumber. This way, they can isolate the specific pipe that needs to be repaired or replaced and get to work on that one area.


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